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Monday, January 6, 2014

"Hello Mold!" and other such Non-Glamorous Aspects of Pregnancy

Yep, this is my big baby belly that my lil ones painted.  
My entire body is pregnant - down to my pinkie and nose.  Lovely.

This pregnancy thing…is. not. glamorous…especially this time around.
I try not to complain too often, but my aches, discomforts and lack of sleep are about to do me in.
Week 35.  Counting down.  Hoping and praying that Declan is not as late as his siblings.

About the mold…
This evening, like most evenings lately, I can barely get my kids bathed, dressed, and ready for bed.  I am needing to lay down to read them stories, as I can feel my body contracting with each time I lift them in and out of our bed.  Tonight, again like most nights, I am in a tank top.  (yes, I know it's -41 degrees when you factor in the wind chill outside, but not inside my house!)  Kieran stops me mid-sentence in the story book.  

"Hey Mama, lift that arm again….what's THAT?"
I know exactly where he is heading with this one.
I have a mole on my armpit.  Too much information for you?  Yeah, oh well.  Hang in there.
So Kieran and Hazel go in for a close up look as I tell them what that is. (close-up = within 1 inch)
Kieran sits back, laughs, and says, "why HELLLLLLLO MOLD!" in a long, drawn-out, hysterical manner that of course is immediately copied by Hazel.


Simply G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S. yeah.

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