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Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Hazel, You're So Cute...Hazel, You're So Cute"

Kieran has this song he sings every once in a while...it goes like this:
"Hazel, you're so cute...Hazel, you're so cute...cute cute cute, Hazel you're so cute!"
The tune is not important, but
Kieran is SO right.

You're not too shabby yourself, Kieran!

While it's simply impossible to list all of the cute things about Little Missy (Kieran's nickname for her), I must list a few of the more recent...

Everyone we meet out in public comments that Hazel is a "mini-me".  I have to say, shamelessly, that I love it.  But what most reminds me of myself when I look at Hazel, is how much she adores her older brother.  To this day, my older brother practically walks on water to me.  And Kieran is no different in the eyes of Hazel.  I even see that her own self-identity is tied in to him...as I witnessed for the first time when Paul took Kieran on a nearly all-day trip and Hazel was stuck with only Mama for the day.  Now while Hazel may pretend to run to Mama, it is truly Kieran that grounds her.  Why do I say that?  She was practically lost all day long...asking for "KiKi?" every other minute, crying, looking around....lost. When she woke up from her nap and I came to get her without Kiki there, she almost wouldn't let me get her out of her crib!  I couldn't believe it.  And then I remembered when my older brother left for college.  I practically cried for a whole day in school.  My high school boyfriend brought me flowers and my history teacher gave me a juice box to console me.  That's why I think I have a mini-me.

My dad always worries about me talking on the phone while I'm driving (even though I use a headset and am always "hands-free").  While I do not deny that I'm sure cell phone usage equates to hundreds if not thousands of more accidents a year, I would like to submit "screaming children in the backseat" as FAR FAR more distracting than anything else could possibly be.  Today, it was sweet Hazel screaming.  And it took me a minute to figure out why.  When I finally tuned into the words she was screaming, I discovered this one word:  "talkie"  "Talkie, TALKIE TALKIE TALKIE!" she yelled.
What the hell is a "talkie"?  And that's when I looked over to Kieran...who had my phone in his hand.  "Hazel," I asked, "do you want Mama's phone?"  "uh huh" she answered calmly, finally assured that someone understood her.  Kieran giggled.  "talkie" he repeated.  We have been calling the phone a "talkie" all day today.

Last story...have I ever mentioned that Kieran and Hazel have "hi" contests in the grocery store and other public places?  Perhaps I wrote about it before...but in case I haven't...or if you need a reminder...Kieran and Hazel try to say "HI" to the most people as if it's a competition.  Neither of them have ever expressed this in words, but if you have ever been out in public when they start their "hi" barrage, you would guess it's a competition too.  The "hi's" just keep getting louder and louder and more and more frequent as the game goes on.  In the most recent adventure, Hazel was walking on her own in a park saying hi to everyone.  A mom was not paying attention to Hazel (gosh, how dare her, she was actually bent down tying her own son's shoe!), and so Hazel upped the antie....got closer and louder..."HIII-EEE" (Hazel adds some flare to her "hi").  The lady still didn't look up.  And so, Hazel got about two inches from the woman's face, who was still bent down with her son and so about eye-level with Hazel.  HI-EEEEEEE, Hazel shouted, and the woman fell over she was so surprised.  Kieran saw and giggled.  I did too.  (then I apologized, but first I giggled).

Oh, Hazel, you're so cute.