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Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Very First Visit to the "Night Time Doctor"

I'm actually surprised we made it 3 1/2 years with children before experiencing this.
I mean, it's been a full 4 1/2 years since MY last ER trip.
I would compare it to counting the years since you last got pulled over by a police officer...
You know, both are bound to happen every once in a while, so it's just a matter of time.
Also a matter of bragging rights, you know?
It's been 5 years since I've been pulled over by a cop...Can you beat that?  Pretty long (for people in my family at least)....but...
Only 2 days since my last trip to the ER for a head injury.
Reminds me of the signs at manufacturing plants.
We are ____ days injury free.
Dang...we had to start at zero again as of Tuesday night.

This is how Kieran explained what happened to the ER doctor:
"Well, you see, I was on my mama's husband's back when I fell and hit my head."

Did you catch that one?
Not my dada, Daddy, Dad.....nope....my mama's husband.

The nurse got a good chuckle out of that one.  

It all started with a really wild night during our bewitching hour.
What?!  You don't have a bewitching hour in your house?  Where everyone goes completely crazy and runs around the house tearing every single toy and book off the shelf and screaming bloody murder?
What's WRONG with you?

Anyway....yes, it was quite a wild night.
Paul decided to take both kids up for baths and give me a rest (AKA time to clean the kitchen).
He was carrying Hazel.
Kieran wanted to be carried, so Paul suggested he get a piggy-back ride.
Paul realized that Kieran did have a good grip, so he stopped and tried to stoop down so Kieran could readjust.  Well, Kieran fell off his back.  And right onto the ledge...which he DENTED! 

Not a lot of blood...but he started feeling sick immediately and actually started gagging.  Which, of course, made me quite nervous.

After several calls (the usual suspects: my brother Jonathan, a head and neck surgeon who was working at the time and couldn't answer, my mom, the injury go-to lady because her kids had so many stitches, then finally, my doctor) we headed to the Emergency Room....

or what I like to call...."the night time doctor"

After waiting for a little over an hour, we were seen.  
One staple.
A grape popsicle.
and two stickers.

Kieran was amazingly brave.  
I almost cried when he yelped out when the staple went in.  He had a look of, "how could you let them do that to me, Mama?!"  I picked him up and he crumpled in my arms crying.  I pulled it together and he quickly calmed.  
To see your child in pain is so hard.  But he was amazing.  Really.  

In spite of his bravery, I still hope we can hold off on the night time doctors for a while....