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Monday, June 25, 2012

Damn it, Hazel!

I apologize for my lapse in writing - let it be a sign that I have been obsessed with something else on the computer - I've taken up the past time of:
Searching for a Nanny 101

Yeah.  You know what that means...Going back to work.  Ugh.  I'll be starting back at a school social work job in August 3 days a week.

As I read my friend's column of starting her new life as a stay at home mom (A Constructed Life), I must admit I am jealous.  Not that I don't recognize that staying at home is the hardest job around, it is.  But I AM bogged down by anxiety over this going back to work and finding child care...I know what you're thinking..."But Elizabeth, you went back to work two years ago, what's the fuss?"  Well, let's just say I did about 10 seconds of a child care search and gave in to having my mom and father-in-law watch my eldest.  I'm a wimp.  Yeah that's right...I made my mom drive 2 hours, spend the night, and watch my son for 2 days a week and my father in law came in every other week on Fridays.  I will owe them into eternity.  This time I'm being a big girl and finding my own childcare.  But that's not to say that Big Girls Don't Cry...or whine, is probably the more accurate description.

I've joined a website:  Care.com  It's helpful.  It allows you to search, chat with, do background checks, and all other sorts of things when looking for childcare.  I have a few possibilities.  We shall see if anyone is brave enough to take on my adorable, yet very willful children.

And that brings me to Damn it, Hazel....the new name for my dear Kieran.  Yes, I know....it's terribly funny and terrible at the same time.  My son has taken up the habit of swearing.  To the untrained ear, it may sound like mumble jumble....but listen closer...yup...he's swearing.  DAMN IT, DAMN IT, DAMN IT!  He yells persistently when mad.  Or whenever the feeling's right.  Here are a few examples:
"Damn it, Hazel, don't touch my ABCs!"
"Mama, we went to see the frog, and damn it, he didn't move!"
He must have heard that at day care.  Oh, damn it, I can't use that excuse yet!  hahaha.  No, seriously, we must end this habit.

And Hazel?  Sweet thang thinks she can stand up on those mini-feet.  She is active as ever, crawling ever where, kneeling up and trying desperately to stand.  Here's a few pics of the attempts:

Here's another cute pic of Hazel...oh what?  You noticed her new tat?  Yeah, she got a tramp stamp...I told her she may regret it when she's seven, but she really wanted it.

Now here's a rare occasion when they are both happy at the same time...bliss:

In other news...sad news...We had to put our loving dog Salsa to rest.  
It was an awful incident and the only way I can come to peace with it is knowing that she is in a better place now, resting eternally on the most comfortable couch hanging out with God and laughing at Kieran shouting Damn it to Hazel.

Rest in Peace, Salsa.  We love you.