What is this Adventure?

Full-time Mama & Part-time school social worker in the throes of toddlerhood at its best and worst. In my short tenure as a member of the prestigious Mamahood club, I find the reality of it all to be amazing, exhausting, hilarious, challenging, a blessing, lonely at times, nostalgic, guilt-ridden, and the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me...all at once. Sit back, read, laugh and cry with me on my adventure!

Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Random Facts...

I received an email today from a best friend of mine, Kimberly, who has an awesome cooking blog: Badger Girl Learns to Cook. In her blog, she wrote 7 random facts about herself and then nominated my blog to do the same...Thanks Kimberly! I'm honored!

Since I have a readership of, oh, about 2 people...it was very hard to think of 7 random facts that these people would not know...but here goes nothing:

1. There are some words that I remember better in Spanish than English and therefore the Spanish word comes to my head before the English word in these cases. While the instances are few and far between, it becomes comical when I can't think of the English word...here's a few examples: hinchado (swollen), chueco (crooked)

2. I have a re-occuring dream about an old friend of mine where I ask this friend why she does not talk to me anymore. The dream has several variations, but basically, in my dream, I tell this person how sad I am that we lost touch. This is someone I talk to about once or twice a year...but I dream about it about once a month.

3. I HATE cooking chicken. The raw chicken totally creeps me out...touching it, thinking about salmonella, the slimy little chicken leftovers on the cutting board...I'm getting ill thinking about it.

4. I only took one picture on my camera of my belly while pregnant with my second child Hazel. Here it is....

(My mom took a second picture of my belly while pregnant with Hazel on HER camera...but that's it!)

5. I hated and was embarrassed by the "procession" tradition that my family had when I was younger. On Christmas Eve, we would turn off all of the lights in the house and walk around the house with candles and sing religious Christmas songs. The idea was to bring Christ's "light" into the house. We would only know the first verse of every song and end up humming the rest. We would walk in a line following behind my father. The youngest child would hold the baby Jesus that would be placed in the manger of the Creche at the end of the procession. We would end by singing "Silent Night" and then "Joy to the World" when the baby Jesus was placed in the manger. Like I said, I was thoroughly embarrassed by this tradition...and now I make my family do it every year.

6.  I'm addicted to Solitaire on my I-touch at night.  I can't go to sleep without winning a game first.  Sometimes, I stay up after nursing Hazel in the middle of the night just to play another game.  Sick?  Yes.

7.  When I was in middle school, I always wore my hair either in a french braid or half-up in a pony tail.  My first-ever boyfriend always encouraged me to wear my hair down. I wanted to try, but he made such a big deal out of it and told others that I would look so pretty if I wore my hair down that I didn't want the attention if I changed.  I also didn't want him thinking that I would wear my hair down just because of his suggestion.  So, come the first day of high school, I felt this was the "new start" I needed, and I wore my hair down....for the next four years I was in high school.  Now, you won't catch me more than 10 minutes with my hair down...but it's a bit impractical with two babies at home.

Well that's all folks.  Now I'm supposed to nominate other blogs for this same award...Most Versatile Blogger...there is only two other blogs that I read other than the Blogs already nominated by Kimberly...

Liz...I love your blog.  A Constructed Life It's hilarious.  And often times, you cleverly say the things that I am thinking in my head about my kids...so, I nominate you to write the next 7 Random Facts and I can't wait to read them!

April...I also love reading your blog and what you are up to.  And your tips are so helpful!  Check out:  Thirty and Thrifty and I can't wait to read your facts!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Trying to get the picture-perfect-picture.... impossible.

As you can see, I was really trying to get both kids to smile for the picture. I tried....at no avail. And Hazel is SUCH a smiley baby...and Kieran loves to be a ham for photos...but...not this day.

I think Kieran was attempting to smile on this one:

Finally, I at least got Kieran smiling and Hazel wasn't crying. We had to call it a day. Merry Christmas everyone! We are blessed!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Super Kieran and Super Big Hazel

So Kieran received this Super Hero costume from a good friend of ours and at first he wouldn't put it on. I, of course, thought it was adorable, so I modeled it for him, running around the room "flying" around like a crazy person. The next day, voila, like magic, he wanted to put it on and fly around the room too. Hilarious!

As I speak, both of my kids are attempting to nap. Kieran is upstairs calming his Abby doll down by saying "I know, I know, I know" (see previous blog) and I'm just downstairs chuckling to myself. Hazel is laying next to me on the couch, fighting off sleep as she drifts into slumber land.

If you are wondering about my attitude, I am feeling much better this week. No, I haven't met anyone, but...I have a lot of visitors :)

Oh yes, and on to super big. Hazel recently "weighed in" at my six week post-partum midwife appointment. THIRTEEN POUNDS! I have to laugh because my dear cousin, so sweet of her, sent a little Christmas outfit for Hazel....Newborn size! If you are unfamiliar with infant sizing, let's just say my kids NEVER fit into "newborn" size...it's size 5 to 8 pounds....

Here's her attempt at putting the outfit on...you can't see it, but NONE of the buttons are buttoned. I had to take the outfit off as soon as the pictures were done because it was squeezing her so much! Still, cute.

Anyway, it's amazing how fast kids grow. One blink and they are 13 pounds. Next blink, they are running around house playing super hero and saving the world...

Monday, December 5, 2011

New baby, new home, needing new attitude...

Well I'm thrilled about a new baby, but new home? Less than thrilled, one could say.
We took a big step on Nov 20th and moved closer to Paul's work...
We now are "suburban"...my mom will laugh because I say it with such disdain, but she says I turned out fine in the suburbs....or did I? ;)

Actually, the place is really nice. We have a two bedroom townhome. The club house has a play room, basketball court, outdoor pool, and hot tub (that I haven't tried yet). There is a small playground outside as well. We live within 15 minutes of every store known to mankind, which is a totally new experience compared to that of the city. So many options....I'm used to the grocery store and Target! :)

Why the bad attitude?
I'm just throwing a pity party because I'm lonely.
I can write about it today because I'm feeling a bit better...

In the meantime, Kieran turned TWO!

He is very two and I love him for it. Every day he is stringing more and more words together. His latest funniest thing: telling me "I know, I know, I know" when I'm upset with him. Where does he get that from? Yeah....ME......and I never knew it until he started mocking me! Apparently, when my kids are upset, I pick them up, rock them, pat their backs, and say, "I know"....

Wanna know something sick? This strange habit was passed down from generations! I caught my MOM saying it the other day to Hazel! That's RIGHT! I unknowingly am passing down a strange little phrase...I wonder if my Nana says it?

Ok, Kieran is now sitting on my lap reciting the letters I type...it's getting tricky. Gotta run!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Baby Hazel makes her fashionably late appearance!

Well, cute as a button was born 17 days late.
I didn't even know they LET you wait that long!
Yup... fashionably late.

and I did everything under the sun to "convince" her to come on out...
from gentle methods like chiropractic care and eating eggplant to more brash methods like spicy curry, stripping my membranes (twice) and last but not least --- gulp...castor oil. None of it worked. Finally I believe it was the acupuncture that finally let Hazel know it was time... I went into labor one night before her scheduled eviction (as my friend called my induction)

Here's the story...

10:30 pm. I'm resting after running around all night revved up about having to be induced the next day. I have a contraction. Now, on other nights, I would have started doing all sorts of weird things to keep up my contractions - pressing accupressure points all over my body - but tonight I was defeated..."I'm going to bed," I thought to myself, "and if the baby wants to come out tonight, he/she will let me know."

11 pm. Contraction.
11:30 pm Contraction.
Each time I would fall back asleep after the contraction, telling myself not to get too excited.
This continued until around 2 am.

2 am.... contractions started to get closer together - maybe 10 - 15 minutes apart. I woke Paul up..."Do you have work to get done before we have this baby?" I asked. He was sleepy and responded sluggishly, "It's not time to get up yet. I'm fine."
Clearly he misunderstood. "PAUL," I said more loudly, "I'm going to have this baby in the morning, so do you have anything you need to get done?" "Huh?" he responded lovingly, "how are you going to have the baby if you are not having contractions?" Oh boy. He was still sleeping. I finally convinced him that I was having contractions and going to have the baby. He stated, "do you need me?" and fell quickly back to sleep when I answered "No." This was the FIRST sign that this birth was going to be a bit different than the first...the first of many. :)

By 3 am, my contractions were 5 to 8 minutes apart. I began timing them. As I couldn't sleep anymore, I signed on to Facebook...the eternal "time waster". I didn't want to write anything about my pending delivery, so I just commented on everyone else's statuses and stalked everyone.

I woke Paul up around 3:30 am -- "Ok, Paul, time to get up, I said, we are going to leave in the next hour." He was so confused. Again, I had to re-explain that I was pregnant, I was 42 1/2 weeks into my pregnancy, and I was going to have a baby, a small young child who would need lots of attention. Just kidding. It wasn't THAT bad...but....yeah....

We called our friend around 4 am and she headed over. I wanted to leave early this time...it was all for practical reasons...the second clue that this wasn't my first birth...
1. I didn't want to sit in traffic on 290.
2. I didn't want Kieran to wake up and watch us leave.
3. I didn't want to sit in triage in so much discomfort.
So, yeah, we left early.

I told Paul to park the car and meet me up in the Labor and Delivery triage area --- that was the third clue...
The woman in ER gave me the 3rd degree (is that the expression?) about if I was REALLY in labor. Finally, she realized that my due date had passed by 17 days and she stopped giving me a hard time. She didn't let me use the bathroom though - in fear I would give birth in there... "yeah, right, lady, I just want to PEE!" I said.

Triage was lovely. No problems. "Why didn't they ask us all these questions when Kieran was born??" I asked niavely. Paul simply answered, "you weren't really in the mood" hahaha.

I was only 4 cm. dilated. 100 % effaced. It was early. I walked the hallway twice.

Before long I was led to the ABC room (Alternative Birthing Center) where I would give birth to my baby girl. I walked around, sat on the birthing ball (hellish!) and before long asked to be in the tub. 7 1/2 cm....all set to fill the tub!

For all of you out there that think a water birth is crazy...man oh man, it's so much more relaxing than roughing it outside the water. I LOVE THE TUB! I instantly felt more able to handle my contractions and more settled. The worst part? My IV. I think the IV for antibiotics (strep B positive) was more annoying and uncomfortable than my contractions!

The midwives switched and Cynthia came in to see how I was doing. I had her check me...9 1/2 cm and I was feeling ready to push. "Go ahead" she said...

Oh pushing.
The hardest part.

And let me tell you -- pushing while your water bag is in tact is CRAZY.

So, I pushed and pushed and pushed with no avail for a while. Hazel would come down and float back up in her little sac o' fun... NOT FUN...

Finally I convinced the midwife and Paul that she should break my bag (after asking twice for her to do it and her and Paul not being so sure it was a good idea because I didn't have my "two doses" of antibiotics). I stated, "hey, the baby got one more dose than Kieran and he's FINE! Let's DO this thing!"

So she broke my water bag during a contraction. Why oh why did she have to stick a crochette needle in my body as I am contracting? But...

20 minutes later...Hazel arrived.

The funniest part? I felt Hazel's head crown...and then my contractions stopped. Just stopped. For what felt like 20 minutes (it was less than a minute, but ya know). I felt the "ring of fire" (as they call it) with Hazel's head feeling like it was halfway out my body. I HATED the recovery from tearing after Kieran, so would be damned if I was going to push without a contraction. So, I didn't. Well, the midwife and nurse didn't like that very much. Every 2 seconds they checked baby's heart beat. My midwife stated, "ok Elizabeth, if the baby doesn't come out on this next push, I'm going to have you rotate your body so that most of it is out of the water." I got the message loud and clear -- she was going to PULL my baby out. "NOPE," I said loudly, "baby's coming out". At that, I made SURE that Hazel was out in the next push. So funny how all you need is a little convincing. Hahaha.

9 lbs. 11 oz.
21 inches.
Beautiful baby.
Beautiful birth.
Beautiful life.

Unmedicated water births are so empowering. You feel like a freakin' rock star when you are done. Well, ok, at least I did.

On to Baby Hazel...the best part...

She is so calm, understanding, and good natured.
I'm in awe of her ability to forgive me for my inability to juggle everyone's needs all at once. She is amazing.

Kieran is adjusting. He is trying so hard. He is a good big brother with a big heart. His big heart has been a little wounded when he discovered Mama has to share, but he is trying so hard. So hard.

Mom of two. Wow. How the HELL did my mom do five? I need to clone myself for the times that both wake up from naps needing me. Why haven't I cloned myself yet??

I'm exhausted. Must sleep.

Love birthing babies.
Love Mamahood.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Awaiting k.2...Due date...Came and Went...

Yes, it's been the whole summer and I pretty much abandoned my blog.

I'm not sure why...I could come up with bogus reasons like, "I was so busy soaking up life that I didn't write about it."..but I think the truth may be somewhere in the saying, "I'm lazy."

I thought, when pregnant with my first, that I experienced a vast wave of emotions.
Second time around, I can't BELIEVE how many more emotions I have!

Along with the excitement and nervousness of a new baby, I am feeling nostalgic of Kieran's time as a baby, overwhelmed at the thought of juggling two, guilty for not paying enough attention to my unborn, guilty for the anticipated lack of attention for my first born, thankful once again for family and friends' support, in awe at how my mother ever handled everything, and a million other emotions swarming around in my head.

As my due date came and went, part of me was thankful. I get a few more days with just one child. Of course, the other part of me, the gigantic-belly-I-can't-sleep part of me, wanted nothing more than to greet my new little one with open arms and be able to start deflating this belly!

Perhaps my new love bug is waiting for me to be at peace with this transition?

Oh God, the baby is going to stay in there forever!

Today my husband took Kieran on a day with his grandparents. I am staying home and relaxing. I honestly am not sure what to do with myself...hence, I came to write.

My most exciting feeling about K.2? I am so excited for Kieran and K.2 to bond. I hope, with every ounce, that K.2 and Kieran can be as close as I am to my siblings. As I write, I tear up thinking about how special each one of them is to me. None of them will ever read this, but I hope, through my words and actions toward them, that they know how very much I love, adore, and cherish them. I hope Kieran and K.2 feel that way about each other. And for that...I am so excited.

On that note, I shall sign off and go find something to do. I would clean the house...but....bah....I'm too lazy.

Friday, June 3, 2011

A new word a day keeps the doctor away!

For Kieran's 18 month doctor appointment, the doctor informed me that he would be "expected" to say at least three words other than "mama" and "dada". At 15 months old, I began writing a list of words, a bit worried because "dada" and "ah ah" (Salsa) were about the only things he said on a regular basis other than what he said in sign language.

Slowly but surely, Kieran gathered a number of words like clockwork.

Now, it's about a word per day!
He's amazing!

Today, he woke up and wanted "wa wa". He signed "water" like usual, but continued to use his new word, visually proud of himself for coming up with that one.

There is nothing cuter than seeing your 1 1/2 year old proud of himself.

Truly a gem.

I can't wait to see what he says next!

Friday, May 13, 2011

New book, new thoughts...

I started reading a very science-y book the other day about parenting...
It's called "Parenting from the Inside Out...How a Deeper Self-understanding Can Help you Raise Children Who Thrive"
I think it's a good book...a little heavy to get through...but every chapter asks you to journal about certain topics...
I thought I would journal to my blog....

One of the questions asks you to "tell a story about the history and meaning of a particular issue affecting your connection with your child". I'm not sure what I'm about to write, so this entry will be quite unrefined and raw...

One of the current issues affecting Kieran and I is my whole processing of how I will juggle giving enough attention to two young children. my fears come in a number of different packages - how will i make sure that each of my children feel equally loved? how will i reassure kieran that he has not been replaced? how will i make sure that i spend the time attaching with my newborn (holding, cuddling, etc.) when i feel like giving all my attention to kieran right now? the questions are truly endless for me. it leaves me with an uncertain, unsettled, vulnerable and general uncertainty about myself and my mamahood...meaning, i am starting to question my capability as a mama far more often nowadays that i am considering the fact that i am now a parent for two.

the book i am reading encourages me to look into my past for any unresolved issues that i may have about this issue....i mean, i have heard from many mothers now that this is a normal process to be wondering and questioning and doubting...but are there links to my past as well?

i'm a second child. i can't recall life without my brother jonathan. in fact, there are few memories in my life that don't include him. i adore him, even to this day he is my big brother, my confidant, someone who i will forever look up to, imperfections and all, and think that he is one of the most amazing people on this earth. even now, as i write this, i am teary eyed. this obviously elicits a lot of emotion for me...

did i ever feel like i was fighting for mom's attention? i suppose so. i mean, who on earth didn't feel like that at some point in their life? even now, fully grown, when everyone is around, i can sometimes feel a bit like there is not enough "mom" to go around. and i can recall a sense of trying to be perfect...mostly to meet mom's approval and happiness. a struggle to try to be perfect like i viewed my brother. like i viewed my mom. i suppose we were a pretty intense family growing up. and i'm not sure where that came from. that competition is definitely something of a family trait...who were we competing for/against? why?

the thing is, i can't recall my mom ever influencing this - in fact, i'm not sure that she could have done anything to prevent it. it wasn't such a bad thing, either...you know....i didn't drink/do drugs/have sex in high school - not only did i want to have those standards for myself, but i wanted to live up to a standard in my mind that i felt my parents set for me --- is that such a bad thing? i think not. would i like kieran and my other children to think that their mom is always watching them and to make sure they don't do anything stupid they will regret later? doesn't sound so bad to me! hahaha

in the end, i feel like i had a very happy, balanced and loving childhood. i contribute that a lot to my parents.

i guess i am still feeling that pressure to get it right. to be perfect. except this time, i'm trying to get mamahood right. and i'm scared to death that having two will make it impossible.

my mom is not perfect. i know. it's hard for me to write because honestly, she's pretty damn close.

i'm certainly not perfect. will my kids accept that?
will my imperfections royally screw them up?

i suppose i have to think the way i think when i'm in my "social work" mode --

kids are resilient.
amazingly resilient.

kieran and his sibling will be wonderful -- in light AND in spite of their mom.

i have to go. this is enough writing for now. my face is full of tears and my stomach is empty of food. :)

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quoting a book on mamahood....

This excerpt is from a book with whom I am currently "involved"...hahaha...I'm reading, which is amazing...anyway, I liked it, so here goes:

"When I was little, I remember wandering the cereal aisle (which surely is as American a phenomenon as fireworks on the Fourth of July) and picking my breakfast food based on what the reward was: a Frisbee with the Trix rabbit's face. Holographic stickers. A mystery decoder wheel. I could suffer through raisin bran for a month if it meant I got a magic ring at the end.

I cannot admit this out loud. in the first place, we are expected to be supermoms these days, instead of admitting that we have flaws. It is tempting to believe that all mothers wake up feeling fresh every morning, never raise their voices, only cook with organic food, and are equally at ease with the CEO and PTA.

Here's a secret: Those mothers don't exist. Most of us - even if we'd never confess - are suffering through the raisin bran in the hopes of a glimpse of that magic ring.

I look very good on paper. I have a family, and I write a newspaper column. In real life, I have to pick superglue out of the carpet, rarely remember to defrost what's for dinner, and plan to have BECAUSE I SAID SO engraved on my tombstone.

Real mothers wonder why experts who write for Parents and Good Housekeeping seem to have their acts together all the time when they themselves can barely keep their heads above the stormy seas of parenthood.

Real mothers don't just listen with humble embarrassment to the elderly lady who offers unsolicited advice in the checkout line when a child in throwing a tantrum. We take the child, dump him in the lady's cart, and say, "Great. Maybe YOU can do a better job."

Real mothers know that it's okay to eat cold pizza for breakfast.
Reach mothers admit it is easier to fail at this job than to succeed.
If parenting is the box of raisin bran, then real mothers know the ratio of flakes to fun is severely imbalanced. For every moment that your child confides in you, or tells you he loves you, or does something unprompted to protect his brother that you happen to witness, there are many more moments of chaos, error, and self-doubt.

Real mothers may not speak the heresy, but they sometimes secretly wish they'd chosen something for breakfast other than this endless cereal.

Real mothers worry that other mothers will find that magic ring, whereas THEY'LL be looking for ages.

Rest easy, real mothers. They very fact that you worry about being a good mom means that you already ARE one."

~ Jodi Picoult from "House Rules"

Friday, April 29, 2011

Throwing Rocks...

We went to Milwaukee for Easter to spend time with Nana and Granddaddy (my parents). While there, we decided to go to a children's museum. On the lakefront, next to the children's museum, there were "musical instruments" of sorts, one of which necessitated that you place little pebbles inside the structure to make the different tones as the pebbles fell down. In other words, my son learned to throw rocks.

Today, while visiting friends that came into town, we walked into their hotel lobby. The hotel had a beautiful water-structure-thingy where the water flows down and there are rocks underneath for decoration. Yup, Kieran headed straight for the rocks.

For the most part, he picked up the rocks and tossed them back down in the same spot...

Until he decided to try tossing it away from the water structure....hit a chair...and roll underneath...

Did I mention that the chair was temporarily home to the butt of some business man sitting discussing some kind of important document with a co-worker?

Kieran knelt down on the floor, then sprawled out, looking for the rock. When he spotted it, he began to call for me. "mama!" "mama!!!" ...all the time pointing underneath the chair of the business man.

I saw two options in my mind and played them through quickly...

"Excuse me, sir, do you mind interrupting your very important business meeting while I lift up your chair to fetch a rock my son threw at you????"


Quickly grab Kieran and bolt.

I chose option two.
Oh man, it was funny.
We are going to have to unlearn the throwing rocks lesson learned in Milwaukee...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My little Buddhist baby

Sleep in the Krotser household is a precious thing.
Kieran has never been a wonderful sleeper, and there are many moments when I wonder how I will EVER manage to sleep with two babies...
So the fact that I let Paul take a flash picture shortly after Kieran fell asleep must mean that it was a REALLY good picture...and it was...

Every night we have the same routine:
Dinner, bath, stories, Night-night song, crib...
The number of stories vary, depending upon what time it is, how tired Kieran is, what stories are read...etc...
Kieran usually picks the books - he has some favorites and we rotate a collection in the bedroom so that he can choose.

Last night, he was fascinated not by his books, but by a book that was on my night stand. I'm sure it was fascinating due to the tabs on the side of the book, placed there by a dear friend of mine who gifted me the book.

He held on to the book "Interbeing" by Thich Nhat Hanh all evening while we read his children books. When I gave Kieran a hug and kiss goodnight and handed him over to his Dada, he cried and reached out for "Interbeing". Paul handed him the book, which he proceeded to hug and pat while listening to the goodnight song.

Paul tried twice to take the book while putting Kieran into the crib. He wouldn't have it. Finally, in a bit of confusion, Paul handed Kieran the book and placed him in his crib. Kieran took "Interbeing," along with his Teddy Dog, placing each on opposite sides of his head, and went to sleep.

I suppose he was learning through Osmosis - a trick I ALWAYS wanted to try in college.

I'll have to ask him about his thoughts on the Buddhist principles some day when he can say more words than "mama, dada, nana," and "duck".

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's about time to check in....

So much has changed and yet not changed since the last time I wrote!

Biggest news: Kieran is going to be a big brother!
I'm 12 weeks pregnant with Matrix Reloaded (as we like to call him/her).
It's funny, the second time around....what a different feel to it!
My aunt recently told me that the second child knows he/she is a second child and is ok with the fact that he/she is fairly ignored until birth...
It's not that I mean to ignore you, Matrix 2, believe me! And you are doing your very best to let me know you're a fighter! I have never been sicker! (well, I"m starting to come out of it, phew!)
It's just that we are so busy....Kieran and I!

The picture is at a recent museum....
oops...Kier just woke up, gotta run...will write more later!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Uh oh! Da! Ah-Ah!

Yeah, not too many words from my almost 15 month old...
Being a Sped person, I'm trying not to be too concerned...
but come on, Kieran...say something!!

Now, let me give him a break...
He signs many words. "more" "thank you" "eat/hungry" "water" "please"
and today he even signed "more please" together!!
Ok, he mimicked me doing it, but still, he did it!

Well, hopefully he'll have something to say soon...
until then, UH OH!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tantrums, biting, and cuteness, oh my!

Lions and tigers and bears...and cuteness...have been a part of our lives lately at the Krotser household.

Kieran, while only 14 months, has taken on some of the behaviors of the "terrible two's"....tantrums....

Just on Wednesday of this past week, Kieran decided he would try out a few tantrumming tricks while he was exhausted and ready for bed. He crashed down onto his knees, into a kneeling position, wailing, only to them collapse his head, pitifully, down onto the wood floor.....so sad....and funny....all wrapped into one big tantrum.

He would then move himself to the carpet (a much softer place to bash your head) and repeat.

His poor dad couldn't bare to see him tantrum like this.

I, on the other hand, wanted to video tape.

hm........has working in Special Education given me an especially sick sense of humor?

answer: yes.

Anyway, on to the biting....
Last night, Kieran bit me SOOOO hard while nursing that I thought he may has well have bitten off my nipple completely. He thought it was hilarious. It was. But not really. We ended nursing promptly.

oh man. He bit and then pulled like he was eating taffy for the first time. DANG!

But he is just so cute.....in everything he does....it's almost unbearable.

His new game is to run into his bedroom and wrap himself in the curtain, playing hide and go seek. When he reveals himself and runs to me, I scoop him up in my arms and then quickly release him to do the same game again. This could last for hours. Another favorite hiding spot is behind the door (which we have secured open while he is awake).

Oh, big news, by the way --- one whole week of SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! TA DA!
14 months later....Elizabeth is sleeping too!
Of course, he now wakes up at 4:30 am.....
I'll count it.


Kieran gets cuter and cuter as he gets more and more active.
His current words are only "doggy" "Salsa" (ah ah) "dada" and "woo woo" but he is also signing a lot more now -- "more" "all done" "thank you" "eat" and newly "water"

Every day with him is a treat....