What is this Adventure?

Full-time Mama & Part-time school social worker in the throes of toddlerhood at its best and worst. In my short tenure as a member of the prestigious Mamahood club, I find the reality of it all to be amazing, exhausting, hilarious, challenging, a blessing, lonely at times, nostalgic, guilt-ridden, and the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me...all at once. Sit back, read, laugh and cry with me on my adventure!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts on a New Year...

As 2010 comes to a close, like most people, I find myself reflecting back on the high-lights and joys that the year has brought our extremely blessed family...
My adventures in mamahood, of course, are at the top of my list...and really, compose my entire list...there are few "high-lights" that do not include our bundle of love, Kieran.
I would like to share with you, computer, a letter to Kieran about a few of my "faves" that reminds me of how very special he is to me. For some of you reading this, you will have no clue what I am talking about...and for this, I apologize, but for others, you'll know and you'll laugh, picturing his cute little face staring back at you in wonder and awe...

Dearest baby boy,
As I look back on 2010, you are the best thing about it in every way. Your daddy and I love you so very much and cherish every day we spend with you. I wanted to tell you about a few things that make you unique and special...ask me about them someday, because they are things I will never forget.
I love you, Stinky Face, for soooo many reasons....
pat, pat, pat
Dame un beso
Winky eye
Woo woo woo... Aaah Aaah!
The wipers on the bus
How big is Kieran?
Huggy after naps
I <3 Pollito and Chanchito
Midnight snacks
Baila con Cosmo!
Puffs, Crisps, and mmmmmmm! blueberries!
It's 4:50 am, run to the fridge!
mas mas mas mas mas
All done?
Skype me!
The list goes on and on....
Kieran, you are an amazing boy! I know God exists because She made YOU and I see God in you every single day. Thank you for teaching me to be a mama.
I love you,
your mama

On a similar note on this New Year, I have another letter to write...

Dearest Mom, (Kieran, that's what I call my mama)
As I look back on 2010, I wouldn't be able to write the previous letter if it were not for you. In other words, the best thing about 2010, Kieran, is here in our lives in a big part because you and Dad are such wonderful parents and taught me to be a mama. For this, I am eternally grateful and loving.
Every day I find myself more and more thankful for you, Mom. In the same token, I am more and more mystified at how you possibly raised five children...
Mamahood, for me, is an amazing journey...filled with so much happiness, and so much self-doubt....so much love for my son, and so much love returning for my parents...I wonder constantly if I'm doing things the "right way," trying to think about the man Kieran will become while still appreciating every single second of his life right now. What a balancing act! And it makes me so excited to hopefully have a sibling for Kieran in the future...and yet I wonder...how the hell will I handle another? How the hell did you do five?
Well, I leave you with that question.
I love you Mom.
You are amazing.

Just a snap shot of my thoughts on the New Year approaching...

Friday, December 17, 2010

The cookie monster...

If you are wondering if a sweet tooth is genetic.....let me just tell you...
Kieran has decided, after one regrettable moment when his mom gave him a bite of gingerbread, that he can not LIVE without gingerbread cookies 24/7.
He knows where I keep them.
He cries for them daily.
He obsesses about them.
He wants them all the time....


Man, good thing I only make cookies once a year!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

One year out...working on my health...

Nine months on, nine months off....at least that's what they say, right?
About baby weight...
Now, what if you do this...
Nine months on, six months off and then some, then added some more back increasing each month after that....
not good.

Reflecting back, I think I lost track of my health somewhere in there... :)

Most people wait until the New Year to get back on track. I mean, think about it, Christmas cookies alone account for about 5 pounds of weight gain the month of December for me on an annual basis. Can I give that up?

Well, I have decided that I need to just DO it, so I can stop obsessing about the fact that I am NOT.

Also, I have the following things to do to keep up with my / Kieran's health:
1. Make a Urogyn appt for myself.
2. Go to the appt. hahaha...
3. Make appt. and go to the dentist for myself.
4. Make appt. and go to the dentist for Kieran.
5. Start working out again, even if just 20 min. / day.

I will start right now by looking up dentists with my new insurance....

In the meantime, let me just post an adorable pic of my boy :)