What is this Adventure?

Full-time Mama & Part-time school social worker in the throes of toddlerhood at its best and worst. In my short tenure as a member of the prestigious Mamahood club, I find the reality of it all to be amazing, exhausting, hilarious, challenging, a blessing, lonely at times, nostalgic, guilt-ridden, and the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me...all at once. Sit back, read, laugh and cry with me on my adventure!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Catching up!

We lost internet connection at my house and have been "borrowing" other people's connections....which makes the internet SUPER slow....which is why I haven't posted in such a long time after promising that I would post every week! ha!

Kieran has been walking steps since Sept.22nd...a month later, I finally caught some of his walking on video.
Nowadays, he can been caught walking up to 30 steps at a time (especially when he's around other little children who are walking around...he wants to keep up!) I tried to post the video, but alas, the internet is still too slow...sorry!

I'm amazed at how big he has gotten lately.
Overnight, it seems, my baby became a toddler!

He got a new hair cut. He eats everything. He's walking, sometimes running. He's talking all the time (we don't know what he's saying, but he's saying it!) He's even throwing tantrums! It's just incredible!

Sometimes I find myself looking forward to the weekends...lots of fun packed activities and such...and then I think to myself...."no! Don't wish the days away....he's growing up SO fast!"

You may have noticed that I deleted all my goals. Yeah....they just weren't doing it for me....After reading my Nana's advice and thinking it over, the goals only made me feel pressured to do something artificial. The only benefit I really took from writing them was to promise to smile on my way to work...which I have been doing.... albeit fake smiles...they are smiles!

Work has gotten increasingly difficult to motivate myself to go. It's not that I dislike the work. I just dislike being away from home. Every day I get to spend with Kier is a gift. Leaving him for the day is like a punishment. I've given some thought to staying home and watching a few kids next year -- making money in that way -- I haven't completely thought it over or decided anything... we shall see.

Kieran and I joined a new play group. A bunch of moms from the neighborhood and their sons -- all are around 16 months or so...so Kieran being 11 months is always trying to keep up with the "big boys"...he does a good job! Kieran loves being around other children, he's my social butterfly! It's wonderful to see him squeal with excitement when we see other kids. He waves (the backwards open-close handed wave) to every child and dog he sees!

Oh...yeah...the dog! Salsa and Kier now have a big alliance going. Whenever Kieran is done or doesn't want to eat something, he just holds out his hand for Salsa to come and eat whatever it is he has decided is not for him! Sometimes, Kier holds his hand out, lets Salsa lick the food, and then brings his hand back to his mouth to eat it! Gross! But... hilarious, I must admit! Salsa is becoming quite the scavenger...I'm afraid she's even worse when Kieran's Nana is around (I think Nana must be a little softer on her than Paul and myself! Hahaha!) Anyway, it's quite a system to see in action!

Well, that's all for now.
Check in later, I will be updating much more regularly from now on (I hope!)

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We had a whirlwind weekend...
Kieran spends about 4 hours in the car on Fridays schlepping back and forth from Skokie to the south side of the city.
So that was Friday.
Then, Saturday morning he was not even asked if he wanted to go, instead just got in the car again to drive 3 hours north to Madison, WI. He was in the car with four other adults (including Paul and I - I was driving), so he didn't nap...except for 20 minutes at the very end....then we were busy all day until Kier finally went to bed at 5:30. He didn't complain, not one whine.
Did I mention that he had something going on with his GI tract...had 5 dirty diapers (that's a LOT for him)....and STILL didn't complain?!?!?!
Sunday morning, we did it again, woke up, drove home, 3 hours in the car....
When we got home, I asked him to take a nap, even though people were over and he didn't want to....he cried a bit, but...in the end, he took his nap.
As soon as he got up, I took him outside, into the cold wind where there were many people passing him around and wanted him to perform various tricks ("so big", walking around, and other such circus tricks)....don't get me wrong, I think my kid is adorable when he does these things, it's just hard when he is put on the spot to perform...maybe it's just hard for me.....I don't know.....
Anyway, I digress...
He didn't complain.
He didn't look especially happy outside, but he didn't complain.
When we finally came inside, I took off all of his gear and he was so happy to roam around at home and play....finally, Kieran could have some baby time.
Not for long, it was nearing bed time.
He started to melt down as his Grandma was giving him some dinner....
We tried....but Kier was done.
A quiet bath time, quiet lotion time and a little bit of Stinky Face (his fave book) made things a bit better.
He nursed happily to sleep without one single complaint.
This past weekend was not very baby friendly....but man oh man, I have to brag....my kid was amazing....

A new goal for me....be as calm, cool, and collected as my little one....
What a trooper!